The 2+2 Genesis NFT Collection is a new and innovative art project that is shaking up the world of digital art. The project is spearheaded by the team at 2+2.

This article will discuss more about the project including what the 2+2 Genesis NFT collection is, about the art, the team and more.

What is the 2+2 Genesis NFT Collection?

As stated on their collection page, 2+2 Genesis is “the first truly honest project in the NFT space.” They state that aren’t here to trade pictures of dogs and cats and pretend they’re doing it for the ‘art’.

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About the Art

The 2+2 Genesis NFT art consists of a variety of mathematical equations with varying difficulties and rarities.

About the Team

The 2+2 Genesis team is not doxxed. You can learn a bit more about them via their Twitter profile.

How to Buy the 2+2 Genesis NFT Collection

There are several options for buying the collection. Click through each link below to find the best price.